A Buyer’s Guide to Floating Homes

in and around Portland, Oregon

About The Book

A Buyers Guide to Floating Homes addresses questions that all first time floating home buyers have, including those they don’t know they have. Can you feel the house move? What is a float? How do you inspect a float? Can you finance floating homes? What about insurance? Do you own the slip or rent the slip? What is the lifestyle like? What are the pros & cons of living on a floating home? All this and more is covered in this guide.

About the author.

Amy is a real estate broker specializing in floating homes in Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas. A Portland native herself, she resides on a floating home and so do her parents. Her love of floating homes began from Childhood.

When she is not busy walking the docks and helping people buy and sell floating homes she is making independent films, tango dancing, & doing tai chi.

Amy Sedgwick